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clearing going on across the state. sunshine has been blazing all day long out in western maryland and finally creeping its way in to central maryland. not much left until maryland's most powerful radar. we have one stray shower left and it's moving into north western baltimore county, just south of the pretty boy reservoir. may make its way into mays chapel. temperature wise, we have 84 at the inner harbor. look where the sun is at. 91 at frederick. temperatures beginning to creep up here in baltimore. here's another look at tomorrow. 93, mostly sunny, and you notice there's no rain there. that's a good thing. we'll talk much more about the outlook and your weekend forecast coming up. kelly. >> thanks, wyatt. our live team coverage continues tonight. how exactly is day five going for the folks at extreme makeover home edition? abc2's don harrison has the latest. i know they have been working around the clock. >> kelly, they are working. they are working hard and trying to get as much as they can done, but the rain keeps coming. it has been raining off and on all day long. all th
of maryland, pennsylvania and southern virginia a couple warnings there. regional sweep mode a couple areas we are watching of some concern, one cluster here off to the west but you can see the trajectory of that will take it just south of us, some big storms down here and the biggest one up toward new york right now but we are in a relative quiet zone here in the baltimore area. we are not picking up anything. quiet for now but as we work into the rest of the night we could see a couple storms rumble. also look ahead to what is going to be one of the hottest weekends of the year so far. those details straight ahead. >> thanks wyatt. a baltimore county man has been charged with child abuse after police say he left his 5-year- old daughter inside a truck. witnesses spotted the child sitting in a locked pick up truck sunday morning. police arrived and broke a window to rescue the child an employee alerted shoppers to say what was happening but no one came forward. when hector hernandez came forward and approached the truck they arrested him. >>> police in bel air have broken a ring of silence an
but we're watching to the west for maryland's most powerful radar. our showers and storms moving toward cumberland and making their way into baltimore and that will happen into the overnight. hazy and humid. you have a great looking evening in the city. across maryland, annapolis, the central part of the state, again late tonight the showers and storms arrive. we'll talk about that and break down the weekend in just minutes. kelly. >> thank you. >>> in other news tonight, police in anne arundel county say teenage girls became prey for one registered sex offender. tonight they are all safe but abc 2 news don harrison reports on how the suspect brought the girls to his home and why this should serve as a warning for every parent. >> reporter: this is the house where james mason iii was arrested early thursday morning in the 1500 block of st. margarets road. mason was charged with several counts, including second-degree rape, perverted practices and contributing to a minor. mason is registered as a violent sex offender with the state of maryland. mason went to dundalk to pick up the girls
on that and the very hot week ahead. all coming up. >>> the details about a maryland state trooper who is on the other side of the law charged with possessing child pornography. bruce tucker faces several charges including child pornography and possessing child pornography with intent to distribute. more on that at 11:00. baltimore county police ask that anyone who may have had contact with him to call 410-853-3650. >>> a harford county man dead and 15-year-old recovering from a bullet wound after a double shooting in bel air sunday. when police responded to the parking lot in the 100 block of north bond street they discovered the body of 25-year-old derrick maxey jr. 10 minutes later they received a report a young teen came to upper chesapeake medical center with a gunshot wound to the leg and she had confirmed she was shot in the same parking lot. police say a crowd emptied out of a of a rented hall when the shootings occurred. >> it was a private party renting the facility at the american legion. we have not verified yet whether either of the victims were inside. >> even though police say more than
them. >>> all new at 6:00 tonight, thousands of people, moving into maryland with a part of the base realignment and the closure progress that could get a historic home loan bargain. the first-time home buyers relocating a part of them could be eligible for loans up to 4.5%. maryland lieutenant government announced the state is setting yourself $-- setting aside $100 million for the program. they are looking forward to the biggest wave yet late this summer and early fall. >> i think that it will guarantee them that hey, they will get a great interest rate that is historically low. and to take advantage of it. it is just a great opportunity for them. we're going to see an increased activity. we have been extremely busy allurer. >> the program is available in hartford, columbia, baltimore, and other black jurisdictions throughout the state. >>> wells fargo will no longer offer sub prime mortgages. as a result, they will close their 100-year-old finance division of the offices to be closed, 19 right here in maryland. and the bank has been battling heavy losses and says that their financ
this is the good news. maryland's most powerful radar, five sweeps in action. you only see it here on abc2 and you can see all clear. radar should stay clear tonight. most of the day tomorrow, we'll have the slight chance of a storm tomorrow evening, but at least the roof is on here. that's good, and the evening forecast, again in the 80s and keep the skies nice and clear so the weather looks fantastic. and now, i want to bring in my good friend, don harrison who has been out here covering the build site all week long and don, what a difference today from the last 48 hours. >> well wyatt, you took care of it now that the sun is out. things are rocking out here. now obviously the house is going to go through a lot of changes, but you know what? i think the neighborhood is going to go through some changes, too. >> joe and his daughter have lived here for 50 years. they love the idea of this project. >> it's exciting. it's rewarding. and i'm kind of excited about it. >> here's will dean, he's a 15- year-old kid that lives on this block. he's meeting and taking care of everybody. >> your hat look
we felt a quake here in maryland was in 2005 when a quake struck the area at 9:00 a.m. february 25, 2005. well, many of you are writing in to tell us what you felt this morning. this writer says i thought the ac was having trouble getting started. the noise increased like it was going to explode. this one says we live in a cul- de-sac. we both went outside to make sure our deck was not falling off. i was in san diego just a couple of weeks ago and nothing, who would have thought i would feel this in maryland. you can go to and share your stories with us. >>> the other thing happening is the extreme make over e dation. tonight -- edition. tonight, the home is really starting to take shape. >> reporter: hey, christian, yeah, absolutely, the weather has been very hot, but it has cleared up yet again today for all of the work down here at the extreme home edition work site. leslie, tell us about a desperate need you suddenly have with all of the heat. >> well, we thought the build was going to be over by this morning and we had a large soda distributor getting us through t
2 news. >>> and the state department of health and mental hygiene confirmed three more marylanders have died from heat- related illnesses, bringing the total deaths from heat up to 15. >> be smart. these are common sense approaches, they are really what applies here. and in addition, be on the lookout for your friends and neighbors who may be at a higher risk. >> we also want to emphasize all of the heat deaths so far, all of the victims had underlying medical conditions which put them at a greater risk. >>> a code red heat alert in effect for baltimore city for another hour and then tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. those are the hours that the cooling centers will be open. remember for tips to keep cool, log on to our home page at, click on the weather tab, then our exclusive hot weather guide. >>> kelly, there have been places around baltimore today that have hit 100-degree. tomorrow i think most of the state gets there. i mean very few of us will be spared from triple-digits tomorrow and everyone feeling like 100 when you throw in the humidity. let's take a loo
. >>> maryland congressman helped break ground on two new schools going up in maryland. they will get a renovation and a new building. the upgrades will run about $ 1 million. >> students, you have earned it. your principals and teachers, you are the 90 percentile in the state of maryland as far as how good you are. that is fantastic. >> as part of the ground breaking, a tree was planted in memory of jaden dillon, a first grader who was killed in a car crash in may. the family and community says although he's gone, they are making sure his memory lives on forever. construction is scheduled for completion in three years. >>> here she is. 2010 miss teen usa pageant. her name is tammie crawford. she won this weekend. she's the first marylander in the pageant's history to win the crown. congratulations to her for representing the state so beautifully. >>> yesterday's weather was stormy. >> we did have some rough storms last evening, but it cleared out quickly. much cooler last night. today drier and cooler and just some nice summer weather. we have been waiting for it. 90 was your guaran
. urlich and cane say this campaign is about getting maryland moving again. they toured the buford stem academy in east baltimore. they stressed the need for charter schools and praises the academy for its work in inner city youth. cane stressed her experience as an attorney and current job with the u.s. chamber of commerce giving her a unique perspective on the business climate in maryland. one she says has been damaged by the o'malley administration. when asked about the negative ads most marylanders are looking for something more. >> all this stuff about acting out in anger and accusation doesn't create one job or fix one train. doesn't create one charter school. unemployment is 10%. not every kid in baltimore city or the state of maryland get the opportunity these kids have. we should focus on what people want to us focus on. which is opportunity to succeed in the united states of america and in the state of maryland. >>> a little more about mary cane. she previously served as assistance state attorney general. urlich says cane's legal background and her business experience will be
the rest of the week. better you than me. >> i think we're at the crest of the heat wave in maryland. i can't find hotter temperatures anywhere else. looking around the region, i had to break out the laser handy dandy laser heat gun thermometer. i am pointing at different spots, the trees and bushes. 102, 103. and just get a little different angle here. 99, back above 100. you get the idea. we're still in triple-digit heat out here. let's show you some of the numbers from across the region now. these were the highs earlier today. look at that. frederick 106 degrees. that is not the heat index, that's the actual air temperature. high today 105 at bwi marshall. take you into a look at what it looks like around the area right now. 101 still at bwi marshall. that is from two minutes ago. ocean city finally getting broadway 90 but you -- below 90 but you get the idea. here's warnings for all of maryland just about. heat advisory up through 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. it will stay up tonight because it will be tough to get below 80. we're keeping ourselves in the 90s here through the next several
baltimore and across maryland. had some big thunderstorms out there at times today. a lot of that activity now clearing us to the east but we will still be dealing with some rain this evening. let's take a look at where that rain is right now. maryland's most powerful radar, we have been tracking the storms here all afternoon, you can check out our latest radar picture off the weather page. a big storm up here toward rockville, other than that a lot of this activity has now picked to pushed to the east of baltimore. on the eastern shore from centreville up through chester town you're still getting clobbered with some pretty heavy rain here, one heavy downpour now moving toward the bel air area, you can see as i move in here, there is a pretty decent little storm here, again, just north it would appear, of bel air. so a brief heavy downpour to be encountered in that direction. let's take you to the visible satellite. clouds holding tough for now, we may see a little bit of clearing, i want to give you an early look at tomorrow. 87 or so, mostly cloudy, there will be that chance
's take you into maryland's most powerful radar and show you what we're seeing right now. and as we look at this, you can see this one cell over the chesapeake now. that was our tornado warn cell earlier. that's just about completely out of anne arundel county, and you have to watch out over toward rock hall and queen anne's county as they watch the storm move in. another storm out toward i-270. that's going to be a headache for commuters in that direction. in live mode, we're seeing clearing there now in northern anne arundel, but this is the storm we're watching right now to the west. kelly, we're keeping a close eye on this right now. the storms we do have are not as strong as the one an hour ago, and that's a good thing. much more coming up here for the outlook for the rest of the week. >>> tonight, the divers confirmed that they have recovered the body of 20-year-old justin oliver. maryland state police say oliver and a friend were swimming from a cove to a beach area when oliver said he was having trouble staying afloat. police say it is illegal to swim in all three city reservoirs
and philadelphia areas, finding a flash flood concern into the evening here. check it out, maryland's powerful radar. see what is on the move. a little bit of a slow moving line. i will be honest we thought it could be here earlier but does steadily continue to move toward baltimore, pounding places like front royal virginia, monassis and culpepper expecting it to reach us in the next hour or two. 80s. murky, humid, storms moving in out of the west, talk about how your forecast plays out through the day tomorrow and also, a look ahead at that weekend forecast coming up. kelly. >> thanks. because of that there are worries the weather could be an issue tonight for extreme make over home edition crew. right now abc 2 news don harrison live in northeast baltimore while they hammer away trying to get built for the boys hope girls hope project. don how is it going? i know they have had some set backs. >> reporter: well, kelly, there has been some. as you can see there is a lot of work going on behind me 24 hours a day. that big truck behind me is full of dehumid fieres and fans to combat the moistur
jury has indicted a 27-year-old maryland man who police say is a serial killer. former ups worker jason thomas scott of upper marlboro is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the march 2009 slayings of nurse dolores dewit and her 20-year-old daughter ebony who was a student. >>> on the weather front today, it was a warm one this afternoon. temperatures into the mid and upper 80s but very average for this time of year. finally, a day where temperatures are just about average. 87 at the inner harbor. 84 from annapolis and 84 from cambridge. so these are the numbers now and they were only two or three degrees warmer earlier this afternoon. humidity, dew points in the mid-60s. that is relatively humid but not oppressive. the green shaded area is the more oppressive humidity. still bottled up just to our south. generally cloudy through the day but we had nice clearing in the last hour or so. 80s, variably cloudy. tonight staying warm. but much warmer and more humid the next two days and then as we go into the weekend things actually getting much more pleasant. we'll have that in
, there is another way, maryland's safe haven law, allows families to bring the baby to the hoopt. meantime, the baby girl is. as for the mother, he no charge will be heard in the case. >>> police in humble cointy, trying to find the victim and. chase by losses prevention officers, fled into the parking lot in a road where he stopped a light four chore door clordz sedan. the female victim triads to drive off. the police say the car moved about 50 yards before the suspect jumped out. the police were able to arrest him, but are looking for the victim to help in the investigation. anyone with information is asked to call animal county police. >>> former governor was back in the campaign trail after recovering from minor back and neck surgery. the spokesperson says, recent shows any look. . >>> hot day out there today. we started cloudy and not all that warm. as we go through past 6:00, we're stalking about 94. and 88 for you and cambridge. the radar picture, maryland's most popular, showing a few storms popping up in the central virginia in the high terrain there. nothing in the stated right now. throug
are in the 90s. dc up to 94 right now and heat advisory at noon we're talking about all of maryland and baltimore dc areas up through the philadelphia area. we're looking for that tomorrow. 92 by lunch time. 96 by tomorrow afternoon. it will be hot out there. and we'll talk about how hot it gets this weekend and when we get relief that's ahead. >> thank you. >>> and tonight a fine has been landed down to the nursing and rehab center. maryland regulators say the assisted living facility has to pay 52,000 after a the air conditioning broke over the 4th of july. temperatures inside the building soared above 90 it could lose the license. >>> and health officials say mosquitoes have tested positive for the virus. they were collected and take a look at the screen and see where the mosquitoe control sprayed the area yesterday a a process that will continue throughout the next week. and health officials urge people to protect themselves from the bites. they suggest avoiding activities that dawn and dusk. wear repellent and pants and get rid of standing water from flower pots, tarps and cans
. >> reporter: maryland department of natural resources went out to tag rock fish for the diamond gem contest. they brought along kids from the boys and girls club of annapolis. john is the co-chairman of the caucus. he knows how valuable it is to get kids familiar with all maryland has to offer outdoors. >> we have to introduce kids at an early age. they understand v catching and eating and releasing. it is part of a sport. >> reporter: nile is the first mate on the ship. he sees the kid's excitement. >> they get most excited of anybody. they light up when the fish is on the hook. it makes it all worth it. >> reporter: they love the fishing adventure. >> it is a great experience. you see things you have never seen before. >> do you see him tugging? i thought i had one. someone said reel it in. >> reporter: maryland's charter boat industry suffered like most businesses in this economy. charter boat captains say their business is off well over 50%. >> a lot of people laid off. companies are cutting back. probably most of our business, much came from companies. they just don't have the money
into another car while trying to escape police on the eastern shore. maryland state police say that 19-year-old stopped by a trooper early yesterday morning. when asked to step out of the vehicle. he drove away. his ford explorer, which had two passengers, the vehicle then struck a ford mustang that had three people in it. the suspect's suv ended up on a sidewalk. police say cornish and his passengers tried to run, but they were caught. >> howard county police are investigating a failed collision between a moped and a pickup truck. officials say the moped's driver was killed in the crash shortly before 1:00 p.m. the driver of the pickup truck, 45-year-old was not injured. authorities say the crash occurred as the moped was traveling east and crews were turning left from the westbound lane. >> on takeoff and landing in the skies, passengers say they expect to be safe. the washington post sites that the faa and ntfb report in the past six months in the washington region, there have been 22 potentially dangerous mistakes by air traffic controllers and some involve near midair collisions. >>
on the course for 2 hours and closely monitored. >>> the and maryland department of health and hygiene is investigating why a senior center was without air conditioning for several days. a resident of the raven wood nursing rehab center called 8911 yesterday -- 911. they discovered the facility had been without air conditioning since friday. they plan to investigate why they failed to report the problem. >>> 105 degrees. that's what the thermometer read yesterday at the airport it set a new record. the last record on july 6th was 101 set back in 1999. temperatures are going to be dropping a little bit, bumajor relief expected for several days along the east coast. >> kelly, speaking of the airport, we had an another record of 101. an improvement over 105 yesterday, but you probably didn't notice, and some spots just as hot like frederick. so things have cooled off a little bit from earlier. we're at 99 in the inner harbor and you were at 101 earlie annapolis 101 and 89 on the map still. heat index is still cloess to 110 and that heat advisory continues this evening. kais will stay clea
in the back seat. >> maryland state police say jennifer martin telethe children to buckle p. and she would hit the next car she saw. >> she was driving near the road. and another driver swerved to avoid him. >> hit the front. >> she is charged with abuse and assault. >> the high rise is under investigation. >> friend broke down arched the chase house. >> and no one was hurt. >> well, for many folks, this is getaway day as they head to the ocean. >> they are expecting 300,000 visitors. this holiday weekend. >> it is, actually. it is looking good. >> everyone is in ocean city. >> they are there. >> maybe not. >> we have the time to head to ocean city. >> we will check in with mike. he is in with traffic and weather. >> rise and shine. >> that was, they are way beyond the traffic to the toll plaza. and the traffic is going to continue. >> a nightmare for the remainder of the evening. >> and you can see, it is the clear and trend for the rest of the weekend. we are going to see temperatures continue to climb in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. it is going to get hot. here they are looking at the harbo
accurate and maryland's most powerful radar. >> it's a gorgeous day out there. we're going to say below normal temperatures, believe it or not. >> i've not said that in a while. >> don't get used to it because the heat will be recharged in the seven day forecast. okay. look at the shot today, we had a few clouds out there and a fair weather clouds out there and low humidity and temperatures into the 80s. great feeling day down along that area. we have a good-looking shot out there. 84 degrees ask we'll take it. -- degrees and we'll take it. down in portions of ocean city, nice steady temperature. 85 degrees and it was a couple degrees shy of the normal. 98 was the record set back in 1940. nice evening out there and the ac does not need to be on. the sunshine will stay tomorrow afternoon. we'll start with sun and that will approximate replaced by clouds and the rain moves in sunday morning. 83 downtown. warm in fredericks, 79. we'll be talking about clouds and increasing and we'll get the bulk of showers and storms sunday and that will make a line into ohio valley tomorrow afternoon. tem
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22